Dot Property Awards Flashback: Embracing the best of nature

Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts Dot Property Flashback
Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts has a number of spectacular nature features

Green spaces are now incorporated into residential developments across Southeast Asia. In urban areas, these provide residents with a much-needed connection to nature along with a tranquil place which can be difficult to find in major cities. In this edition of Dot Property Awards Flashback, we look at some previous winners who found innovative ways to incorporate nature in their projects.

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Larossa at Capitol Hills

Best Residential Botanical Development

Dot Property Philippines Awards 2018

Larossa at Capitol Hills in Metro Manila
Larossa at Capitol Hills in Metro Manila

Many developers design a project by creating the residential components first and then finding ways to include nature. Primehomes took an entirely different method when it came to planning Larossa at Capitol Hills in Metro Manila. The developer took the enchanting natural surroundings of Capitol Hills and designed around it to ensure sustainability and embrace the already existing green spaces. Trees have been preserved and nature protected to allow for a truly suburban development in an urban setting.

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The Sky Sukhumvit

Best Condominium Smart & Green Design

Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019

The Sky Sukhumvit in Bangkok
The Sky Sukhumvit in Bangkok

The Sky Sukhumvit from Thai developer Property Perfect is a testament to what’s possible when it comes to creating green spaces in the heart of a metropolis. Project designers managed to craft impressive gardens and green design that span each of the five buildings at The Sky Sukhumvit. Despite being steps away from Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit Road, residents can feel a world away in their own, personal oasis.

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Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts

Best Beachfront Resort Development

Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2019

Taking a one-of-a-kind location along the beautiful Cam Ranh Long Beach, Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts has embraced its surroundings to create a tropical paradise. From the palm tree lined streets to wide-open green spaces that flow effortlessly all the way to the beachfront, Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts is a sight to behold.

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Best Condo Development Cebu

Dot Property Philippines Awards 2017

Brentwood in Cebu

Nature is about open spaces and being in a low-density environment. Brentwood from developer Primary Homes offers condo living in unconfined spaces where residents can take a deep breath and enjoy what’s around them. The extra space also allows for resort-inspired amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center and mini playground that are surrounded by green areas.

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