Feng shui design tips 2020: get your home ready for the Year of the Rat

Feng shui design tips 2020 for home
Now is a good time to look at how you can improve the feng shui around your home for the Year of the Rat

We have officially entered the Year of the Rat and now is as good of a time as any to think about your home. No matter if you live in a house, condo or villa, these feng shui design tips 2020 will help bring in positive energy. And if you’re an investor wanting to make your property more attractive to renters, feng shui can be a unique selling point.

It is important to find balance, so don’t feel as if you need to commit to all the feng shui design tips 2020 listed here. Avoiding clutter is critical, so only make changes that fit into the flow of your property.

Feng shui design tips 2020

Lucky colors

Our feng shui design tips 2020 start with choosing the right colors. The lucky colors for 2020 are blue and gold which symbolize water and metal, respectively. Now, we don’t recommend painting your walls in either color, but finding accents or décor that can be seamlessly integrated into your current interior design is a good idea. For example, if you have pictures in your house, swapping the frames to gold ones won’t clash with most room styles and brings in good luck.

Embrace water

Water is very important in the Year of the Rat so it is no surprise that it features heavily in the feng shui design tips 2020. One of the keys to the art of feng shui is eliminating things that can cause negative energy flows. This doesn’t mean tearing down your home and rebuilding it. Instead, find remedies that restore and energize ch’i.

One way to fix negative feng shui is to incorporate kinetic energy into your living space. Something like a small water fountain on a table or shelf can accomplish this and add a bit of overall peace to your home.

If you want to improve the flow of ch’i, hanging pictures of bodies of water, such as beaches or rivers, is the way to go. And since blue is a lucky color for the Year of the Rat, doing this helps on two fronts this year.

Let there be light

Feng shui design tips 2020
Light flows are important for feng shui

Light flow is extremely important and we end our feng shui design tips 2020 here. The first thing you can do to improve lighting is relatively simple: clean your windows. If you haven’t done this in the while, the buildup of dirt and dust could be restricting light flow and make things darker in your home.

Secondly, go around your house and see if there are any dark or dimly-lit corners or rooms because these are a source of negative energy flows. In many modern residences where lighting fixtures come pre-installed, this is a common problem. You can remedy dark areas by adding a lamp to these spots. A strategically placed mirror that reflects light into these places is also a positive solution.