Paramount Land wins Best Developer Tangerang for second year in a row

Paramount Land Grand Amarillo development
Paramount Land's Grand Amarillo development

Paramount Land continues to lead the way in Tangerang by not simply creating the best property, lifestyle and mixed-use developments, but by doing so in a way that allows the region, and entire nation, to sustainably grow holistically. These efforts include supporting selected education, healthcare and other social initiatives.

The reason for the company’s efforts that extend beyond traditional means can be found in its motto: “Building Home & People with Heart”. The developer describes this philosophy as:

“To always put heart first will result in a close relationship with our customers. We not only use sincerity in creating the product, but to ensure occupants are also well served. We create family facilities in every cluster as well to complement the needs of the family, both spiritual and physical.”

In terms of residential development, Paramount Land strives to provide housing that meets the needs of residents while also building communities to foster a lovable living experience. With more young families in Indonesia searching for their first home, the company has been committed to crafting designs and products to meet their unique wants.

This care can be seen at its Grand Amarillo residential development. Located inside Paramount Land’s sprawling Gading Serpong, an independent city with its own comprehensive infrastructure, Grand Amarillo has been created with families in mind. From the thoughtful layout of the residences to the impressive amenities, the developer has taken care of every last detail.

Paramount Land continues to utilise innovation, modern technology and clever design to create the best developments in Tangerang. However, it is the developer’s focus on the customer that allows it to rise above other firms in the region. The developer does its best to get to know clients on a personal level and then build what suits them.

It does this by studying consumer behaviour before starting new projects. The firm interacts with consumers and takes time to understand what they want and needs. It then uses this information and builds projects designed to address the items that are important to clients.

The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2018 is pleased the name Paramount Land as Best Developer Tangerang. The developer’s work is fantastic and its positive approach to property development is refreshing. Tangerang remains one of the most exciting areas in Greater Jakarta and the efforts of Paramount Land is a big reason why.

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