There is nothing that matches the beauty of wood. It offers a timeless appeal that looks great almost anywhere. However, using wood does have its drawbacks. It is prone to fires as well as termites and can have durability issues. This is a fact not lost on PT Conwood Indonesia.

The company produces wood replacement products that can be applied in both interiors and exteriors. The product looks great in residential, commercial and industrial settings and has a wide range of applications. Eaves, lath, wall, floor, fences and other decorative items can all be made from Conwood’s wood substitute.

This is extremely important in Indonesia where wood plays a prominent role in architectural designs. Its use however can prove to be problematic. Not only does wood have vulnerabilities, but overreliance on it leads to deforestation and ultimately can contribute to climate change.

Conwood has recognised this and is deeply committed to conserving the environment. Its philosophy, innovating a beautiful planet, is embedded in everything the firm does. The ultimate goal is to have beautiful buildings while leaving the trees in the forest.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-21 at 5.54.05 PMBest of all, Conwood products are beautiful, durable, termite proof and incombustible, all the while maintaining the look of real wood. In fact, the material is much, much stronger than wood.

It has been innovatively engineered to maintain the beauty, workability and craftsmanship of wood with the durability and strength of concrete. This performance is made from patented flow-on Swiss technology unlike anything else currently available. High quality cement and cellulose is processed using an environmentally friendly recycle process to ensure there is zero waste.

Conwood innovates house building

And Conwood didn’t stop by simply producing its wood substitute product. The company has used its technology to manufacture entire houses. The innovation came to fruition as a way to support Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s One Million Houses Program. The Conwood house can be built in just seven days with only seven workers. The house uses no wood and is strong and durable.

Conwood houses have been built in many areas of Indonesia including Aceh, Riau, North Sumatera, South Sumatera, North Kalimantan, Sulawesi and suburban locations in Java. The house has proven to be so popular that Conwood has exported them to Bangladesh becoming the first company in Indonesia to export complete houses in the process.

Wood replacement has also been used by some of Indonesia’s biggest developers. Conwood has been used in hundreds of projects. Leading developers, Summarecon, Ciputra, Lippo, Sinarmas Land, Agung Podomoro and Agung Sedayu are just a few of the homebuilders to trust Conwood’s technology.

Furniture made by Conwood has been well received by both individuals and corporate clients who enjoy the style and durability the product brings. Starbucks outlets, Häagen-Dazs shops, government projects and community parks all utilise Conwood wood replacement products. Homeowners also trust the company with planter boxes, benches, recycle bin and customised furniture among the most popular products for use around the house.

Through its commitment to protect the environment and provide a sustainable wood alternative, Conwood has developed innovation and technology that happens to make the world, interiors and exteriors a better place. Dot Property is thrilled to announce PT Conwood Indonesia as the winner of Best Innovation and Technology at The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2017.