adhipersadaproperti in Indonesia

Jl.Raya Km.18, Jakarta

PT Adhi Persada is a property developer who has long been engaged in the sector of residential and commercial buildings, and management of the property and has produced a number of office buildings, commercial, residential excellent quality.

As one of the subsidiaries of PT Adhi Karya (Persero), Tbk. which is the largest state-owned enterprises Construction Services in Indonesia, PT Adhi Persada property has the reputation and credibility of the reliability of supply of the product - the product of good quality property.

With the support of skilled and professional, PT Adhi Persada property and the parent company has a network of broad relationship, also support strong funding, we can continue to develop its efforts to produce a product - a product that is innovative and quality in line with the continued growth of the business sector property in Indonesia.