Owning a villa or condominium in Bali is something most people dream of. However, if you want to turn that dream into a reality, Paradise Property Group are the people to call. With 13 years of experience, the firm has become one of the most trusted real estate agencies in all of Indonesia.

Of course, they aren’t simply a real estate agency. They boast advisors, analysts, consultants, partners and creatives. Their team is able to connect you with quality buyers and sellers so you find the perfect property or land investment, whether it be in beautiful Bali or the thousands of other tropical islands found in the country.

Paradise Property Group’s track record of helping clients with whatever they need was among the many reasons it was bestowed with Best Real Estate Agency Bali at The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2017.

Building the foundations for success

Mark Tuck founded Paradise Property in 2004. In less than one year, the firm became a leading force in Bali’s real estate and property development scene with a large number new listings and developments. For the remainder of the decade, it solidified its status as the premier real estate agency in Bali.

In 2010, Ray White, Australia’s largest real estate company, invited Paradise Property to join them under the franchise banner of Ray White The Paradise Property Group. The pair had a successful five-year run together before Paradise Property felt the need to return to being an independent player in the property business.

Today the Paradise Property Group stands alone in Bali as the region’s leading real estate agency.

The Paradise Property Group difference

Paradise Property Group offers clients experience, professionalism and proficiency to approach any transaction head-on and complete it within an efficient time frame, with the least difficulty and with complete satisfaction. This is something they have accomplished this time and time again during the past 14 years.

Paradise Property GroupThe Paradise Property Group can take care of:

  • Setting the price
  • Marketing
  • Active database
  • Arranging viewings
  • Negotiating the offers
  • Progressing the sale through Notary
  • Finalising the transaction from beginning to end

The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2017 is pleased to award Paradise Property Group with Best Real Estate Agency Bali. It doesn’t matter if you want to move to this tropical paradise or need help with a real estate-related issue, they are the company to trust.