Developer Private Sanctuary has one goal: to the dreams of its clients into reality while providing access to the most desirable Asian and international real estate. In Indonesia, most of their work falls into the boutique category where they select stunning locations to develop one-of-a-kind projects that capture the imagination.

Their work in Lombok in particular stands out. This lush paradise is a hidden gem of the Indonesian archipelago. The island has a rich cultural background and is home to a mix of tropical backdrops, volcanic mountains, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Here you will also find the world’s finest surf breaks and diving spots.

Lombok is also home to the Mandalika Resort Area, a government backed project designed to increase tourism in the region. With an unmatched combination of beauty and potential, Private Sanctuary has picked this location for Kuta Sunset, a beautiful project that won Best Villa Resort Development at The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2017.

The beauty of Kuta Sunset is the customisation. Private Sanctuary wanted owners to build their dream villa. Each plot at Kuta Sunset provides the opportunity to construct villas of varying sizes from two to five bedrooms. A number of designs are available for buyers to select or the firm can put your visions and requirements on paper and design a customised, modern, sustainable and ergonomic villa with amazing views.

MYAMO Beach LodgeAnother one of Private Sanctuary’s breathtaking boutique creations is Myamo Beach Lodge. Located in West Sumbawa, just a quick island hop from Lombok, this amazing resort is the ideal place to unwind, relax and enjoy the nature of Indonesia without any distractions. The design is simple yet sophisticated and accentuates the idyllic surroundings.

A dream come true

Private Sanctuary believes both your home and home away from home should be your own private sanctuary. It should be a place where you feel you are living your dream. In order to achieve these aims, the developer follows its tried and tested philosophy of conceive…develop…promote.


The company helps clients conceive their dream; a place where they can truly unwind from the daily grind life brings. The firm has scouted some of the nicest spots in the world. These dream locations are then combined with dream activities and dream amenities to create the most amazing projects.


The company then helps develop each dream home or dream home away from home. Private Sanctuary has a team of seasoned architects and designers to bring these projects to life.


Finally, Private Sanctuary promotes the dream for others to enjoy. This allows clients to live free of financial worries about how to sustain their dream and live it whenever they want.

No one builds boutique better than Private Sanctuary

When it comes to boutique developments in Indonesia, Private Sanctuary is the leader. The Dot Property Indonesia Awards 2017 is proud to announce that Private Sanctuary has won the award for Best Boutique Developer this year. Projects such as Kuta Sunset are a dream come true for owners.